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Hotel Package Limburgs Mooiste 2024

Stay in style during Limburgs Mooiste! Book a comfortable hotel stay and experience the cycling event up close. Enjoy the adrenaline, the beautiful routes and the cosy atmosphere. Book now and make your cycling weekend an unforgettable experience!

Photo: Limburgs Mooiste

Limburgs Mooiste is one of the most famous and popular cycling events in the Netherlands. Every year, thousands of cyclists flock to the beautiful Limburg countryside to conquer the challenging routes and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just starting out, Limburgs Mooiste offers something for everyone. From winding hilly roads to breathtaking views, it is an unforgettable experience. Besides cycling, there are also plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, such as tastings, music and cosy terraces. Limburgs Mooiste is the place where cyclists come together to enjoy the sport, nature and Limburg hospitality.

What can you expect?

Unique experience to enjoy the sports, nature and culture of Limburg.
Suitable for both experienced cyclists and beginners.
Besides cycling, there are also leisure facilities such as tastings and terraces.
Offers various distances and routes to choose from.
Rooms and flats

Comfortable rooms
for all


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