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National monument

An old hotel in a national monument dating back to 1840 has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand these aspects before you decide to stay or run such a hotel.

Historic comfort

Stay overnight in a listed building, a place where the charm and elegance of the past blend seamlessly with modern conveniences. The hotel is full of historical features and offers our guests a charming experience. Besides beautiful advantages, such a historic property also has drawbacks. For example, it is challenging to provide modern comforts in a building that was not originally designed for use as a hotel. Therefore, we would like to remind you that our historic building still retains its own character and you have the opportunity to experience the authentic atmosphere of the building, including the additional disadvantages such as the property's noise.

At the same time, to keep our hotel up to date and always meet guests' needs, the hotel rooms will be renovated in the coming years. A few rooms and the loft have even been renovated in early 2023! When renovating our rooms, we naturally take into account the rich historical character of the hotel, creating a distinct mix of contemporary comfort and nostalgic charm. We hope to have renovated the entire hotel by the end of 2028.


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