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We are determined to make our hotel as sustainable as possible and have many plans for the future. In doing so, we understand all too well that it can be difficult to implement sustainability initiatives in a listed building dating back to 1840. Nevertheless, we would like to take you through the plans we have for the future of the property and what measures we have already taken.


One of our priorities is to improve the building's insulation. This will not only help reduce our carbon footprint, but will also improve the comfort of our guests. We are currently exploring various options to improve insulation, such as using natural insulation materials and double-glazing. All hotel rooms renovated since the takeover have insulation materials in walls, ceilings and floors.

Solar panels

We plan to invest in solar energy to power our hotel. While this may be a big investment, we believe it will be much cost-effective in the long run and help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Charging posts

We would like to support electric driving. Installing charging stations is therefore also on our sustainability agenda. Not only for the environment but also to make our guests' stay even more pleasant. This way, guests can start the day with a full battery.

Rainwater harvesting

Another important aspect of sustainability that we focus on is rainwater harvesting for irrigation. By collecting rainwater, we can reduce our water consumption while providing water to our plants and flowers. This will also help us reduce our water bill.

Water drain

We also want to improve our water drainage system by not paving everything. By creating more green spaces, rainwater can infiltrate into the ground instead of flowing directly into the sewer system. This can also help reduce the urban heat island effect.

Ecological packaging material

Finally, we want to focus on using ecologically sound packaging. We want to minimise our impact on the environment by avoiding plastic packaging and opting for biodegradable alternatives.

We will make something beautiful together

We understand that implementing these sustainability initiatives will take time and money, but we are determined to take responsibility and make our hotel as sustainable as possible. We hope that our efforts will help preserve our beautiful planet and that our guests will appreciate our commitment to sustainability, even when it can be difficult.

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