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Best price guarantee

Carré Hotel Zuid-Limburg offers the lowest price for a hotel stay on its own website. You won't find any lower anywhere.

The Claims Procedure
Warranty & Claim

You must submit the claim at least 24 hours before your check-in time so that the hotel can properly verify each claim. Please read the terms and conditions before completing and submitting the claim form.

The Best Price Guarantee is valid only for all private room reservations.

1. The guarantee cannot be applied to the following tariff types:

  • Rates that are not publicly available, such as negotiated joint or group rates.
  • Discounted rates offered only to groups or individuals meeting previously specified criteria, including Carré Hotel South Limburg account guests, senior citizens, political staff, etc.
  • Packages and tariff packages that include the room and other components such as travel, car hire, entertainment and/or meals.
  • Packages and rate packages or special group rates that extend the length of stay.
  • Negotiated rates for stays over 30 nights.
  • Rates available on presale websites.
  • Rates available for Carré Hotel South Limburg Corporate Accounts.
  • Rates available on websites such as "Priceline" and "Hotwire", for example; which reveal the name of the hotel only after the reservation is completed.
  • Prepaid or tour operator rates involving a voucher (including electronic vouchers) for a hotel stay.

2. The carrehotel.co.uk best price guarantee rate and the "Comparative Rate" must be found on carrehotel.co.uk within 24 hours of booking and a fully completed claim form must be submitted for the same hotel, room type and booking date. Equal cancellation and pre-booking arrangements must be applied. It is sufficient if the guest makes a print screen of the booking page
(containing all relevant booking details) and add it to the claim form. After this, the guest should make the hotel booking through the carrehotel.co.uk site and add the print screen of the party with the "Comparative Rate" to the claim form.

3. Hotel Zuid-Limburg B.V. will check the "Comparative Rate" within 24 hours of receiving your submitted Claim, and will inform you of the results. As the Claim must be processed before check-in, you are required to submit your Claim at least 24 hours before check-in.

4. When multiple rates for the same hotel, booking dates and room types are displayed on a valk.com affiliated website (hotel website), you must book the lowest rate to qualify for the guarantee.

5. The "Comparative Rate" must be reservable (i.e. publicly accessible) and controllable by Hotel Zuid-Limburg B.V. If the "Comparative Rate" is reserved by a company other than Hotel Zuid-Limburg B.V., Carré Hotel Zuid-Limburg will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred due to cancellation of a reservation.

6. Rate comparisons are made free of taxes, additional charges or costs associated with room rates and the "Comparative Rate" must be available at the time Hotel Zuid-Limburg B.V. checks the claim. Rate discrepancies, due solely to changes and/or differences in currency exchange, are not included in the guarantee.

7. When a claim form covers multiple nights, the rates per night will be compared separately.

8. Hotel Zuid-Limburg B.V. has the right to modify or dissolve the guarantee at any time, without prior warning. Making a claim is easy. Just follow the instructions above. Complete the claim form and email the form with supporting documents to info@carrehotel.nl. The booked rate and the "Comparative Rate" must be filled in and the complete claim form must be submitted within 24 hours and must be for the same hotel, room type and booking dates. You will be contacted by us within 24 hours of receiving the claim.

Book via our own website and enjoy the cheapest overnight stays. Find a cheaper rate elsewhere? Then fill in the claim form. We guarantee that you will then be compensated for the difference.


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