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Our hotel is located in a characteristic square farmhouse dating from 1841. A hotel in an old building has many charms, but certainly also limitations. We would like to draw your attention to these in advance, so you will not be unpleasantly surprised. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which parts of the accommodation have already been renovated?

We took over the hotel (former Hof van Hulsberg) from its previous owners in December 2023. We then immediately set to work renewing, improving and renovating the accommodation. Our hotel and restaurant are located in an old, monumental square farmhouse from 1840. Plenty of challenges, therefore. We set ourselves the goal of renovating the entire accommodation by 2028.

Already completed:

  • Restaurant section (see naevedepaort.co.uk)
  • Pavement/Driveway towards the car park.
  • Construction of playground at rear of property.

Currently under development:

  • Office space on the ground floor at the front of the property.
  • 2 apartments/studios on the second floor (see Studio and Studio+).
  • Refurbishment of courtyard terrace.
  • Corridors and staircase in marl part of the hotel.


  • Renovation remaining 16 rooms in hotel (Budget, Standard and Comfort) in the style of the studios.
  • Modify and improve parking at rear of property.
  • Sustainability (including solar panels, insulation and electric charging stations (for cars).
  • Responding to new technologies (including interactive information kiosks and keyless room access).

What are the disadvantages of the terrace on two sides?

Let us first say that we are very proud of the 3(!) terraces that surround our hotel:

  • Playground side (40 seats): This terrace will not inconvenience you as a hotel guest as it is located on the 'restaurant' side of the property.
  • Front (60 seats): Located right in front of the hotel, this terrace is also adjacent to the front wing of our hotel. In particular, guests of room 19 may be inconvenienced here.
  • Courtyard (40 seats): Located in the hotel's courtyard, this unique terrace offers a unique location in South Limburg. In fact, on a warm summer evening when the lights are on, you will feel more like you are in southern Italy. However, this terrace directly borders room 3 and room 4 on the ground floor and rooms 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 on the first floor.


Although we have reasonable opening hours for the restaurant and its terraces, we think it is important to inform you clearly in advance.

Which parts of the hotel are wheelchair accessible?

We are exploring how to make our hotel wheelchair-accessible, but have not succeeded so far. Only the restaurant is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

All rooms require at least one step or staircase. If, as a wheelchair user, you are able (possibly with assistance) to cover small distances without a wheelchair, the rooms on the ground floor may offer you a solution:

  • Room 1 (Standard Room)
  • Room 2 (Standard Room)
  • Room 3 (Budget Room, located in the courtyard)
  • Room 4 (Budget Room, located in the courtyard)

We apologise for the inconvenience. We wish everyone the best possible stay in South Limburg. Therefore, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly think with you or work with you to find an alternative hotel with better facilities for wheelchair users.

What do you do about the noisiness of the rooms?

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we take a few measures to this end, namely:

  • All new/renovated rooms are very thoroughly insulated to minimise noise pollution.
  • Each guest will find a set of earplugs in the bedside table to ensure an optimal night's sleep.
  • When our hotel is not fully occupied, we try to leave at least one room free between different groups/rooms. However, this will not always be possible at higher occupancy rates.

Where can I park and what is the cost?

It is possible for hotel and restaurant guests to use the car park in our own grounds (at the back of the property) completely free of charge.

In case this car park is unexpectedly full, it is possible to park for free in the nearby neighbourhood.

Read more about parking options here.

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