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On the Trepkes

The pub next to the church

As befits a village pub. Authentic Italian pasta and pizza, juicy meat dishes or a refreshing special beer are all on the menu at Eetcafé op de Trepkes. This atmospheric eatery welcomes you for a drink, a tasty dinner or a beer at the bar.

The Dining Room

The story behind Op de Trepkes is a lot of fun. It is the village pub of Hulsberg, but the landlord was originally trained as a chef in Switzerland. A few years ago, he decided to put this knowledge and experience to use by starting 'De Aetkamer' (Limburgian for: The Dining Room).

On several days during the week, the pub is "converted" into a restaurant and people can enjoy the menu: a huge success. What's extra nice about it is that once the dining part is over, the place is used again for its original function: pub.

This is possible at On the Trepkes

The Dining Room

The Aetkamer offers something for everyone. From delicious authentic Italian pasta and pizza, succulent meat dishes or a refreshing special beer.

This way, you are immediately in the right place after dinner to enjoy a few beers after dinner. Moreover, it is a matter of rolling down the 'mountain' to get back to the hotel (you can see the hotel if you stand at the entrance to Op de Trepkes).

You can view the menu here: https://opdetrepkes.nl/

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