Experience the charm of our distinctive square hotel.



Thank you for choosing Carré Hotel Zuid-Limburg as your accommodation. Unfortunately, we are currently no longer able to check you in personally. To still provide you with the best possible service, we will explain everything step-by-step on this page.

In the unlikely event that you do not succeed, we can be reached by phone at +31 (0)45 208 08 56.

Step 1

Park your vehicle

There is a car park at the rear of our hotel which you can use free of charge. Our covered and closed (motorbike) parking area is also located on this side of the building. It is open during the day. In the evening it is closed and locked.

Step 2

Get your hotel key

Next to the (motorbike) storage, we have three lockers attached to the wall. Your room key is located in the locker below (to be opened with the code mentioned next to it).





Step 3

To your room

Through the video on this page, we will gladly show you the way to your room. 






2nd Floor

Walk to the end of the corridor. You will now emerge into the courtyard.
Now take the stairs up into the courtyard.
Ga naar rechts. U loopt nu recht tegen Kamer 7 aan.