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Da Vinci Maasbracht

Master chef of Maasbracht

For almost 30 years, Da Vinci has been enchanting guests with the magic of refined flavours and stunning presentations. This restaurant, led by master chef Margo Reuten and host Petro Kools, is all about the art of food. Each dish is like a masterpiece, perfectly balanced and presented on beautiful tableware that stimulates your senses and stimulates your imagination. Margo is not only the only female SVH Meesterkok with a Michelin star in the Netherlands, but also a true artist in the kitchen. At Da Vinci, every dish is a true sensation for the taste buds and a feast for the eyes.

Photo: Da Vinci

Explore South Limburg

The Burgundian South, the region where the charm of nature meets the vibrant city life. Grab a bite to eat, visit the historic castles or tour the lively nearby cities such as Valkenburg and Maastricht. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, South Limburg has it all! Book your stay at Carré Hotel Zuid-Limburg now and don't miss a thing about South Limburg!


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