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Thermae 2000

Unwind in Valkenburg

On top of the Cauberg lies a source of good life. Also known as Thermae 2000. The Thermae 2000 resort offers a wide range of wellness facilities, including saunas, steam baths, swimming pools and various spa treatments. The main feature of Thermae 2000 is the thermal baths found here. These thermal baths at Thermae 2000 contain mineral-rich water from a deep spring in the hills surrounding Valkenburg. Experience South Limburg to its fullest and unwind on the cauberg overlooking the rolling hills.


Besides the baths, Thermae 2000 also offers various sauna facilities. Each sauna has its own benefits and can contribute to relaxation, detoxification and stress reduction. Guests can also enjoy various spa treatments, such as massages and facials. All in all, Thermae 2000 offers a comprehensive wellness experience focused on relaxation. This wellness destination is ideal for anyone looking for a moment of rest and recuperation, surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings of Valkenburg.

Explore South Limburg

The Burgundian South, the region where the charm of nature meets the vibrant city life. Grab a bite to eat, visit the historic castles or tour the lively nearby cities such as Valkenburg and Maastricht. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, South Limburg has it all! Book your stay at Carré Hotel Zuid-Limburg now and don't miss a thing about South Limburg!


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